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How to be An Iron Man How to be An Iron Man _ ناصر المهندي


In April 2016, Nasser Al-Mohannadi became one of the first Qataris ever to complete a full Ironman race. He swam 3.8km, biked 180km and ran 42.2km on one of the most difficult Ironman courses in the world. It was the fulfilment of a childhood dream and the climax of 28 years of preparation and training. In this book, Al-Mohannadi shows how he overcame childhood fears, cultural misunderstanding and physical injuries to reach his goal. Through careful planning, persistence and learning through mistakes, he achieved what seemed impossible. His journey is that of every individual. We all face our Ironman race, either because we want to achieve a dream or because we face difficult circumstances in our lives. As the author says: “Our life is a continuous struggle to become an Ironman and to declare victory after we have crossed the finish line.”



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